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Building the modern sales machine.

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.
— Jack Welch


Executive-level experience, on-demand, when you need it most.

Revenue isn't growing fast enough, but why? Should I hire more salespeople? Is our sales strategy working? Is it time for a VP of Sales? These are questions business leaders ask all the time, yet finding clear answers and an actionable plan is difficult at best.

Today's business environment demands that startups grow revenue rapidly and consistently year over year. But responding to the demands of today - inbound leads, meetings with prospects, closing deals - while investing in the right strategies to support long-term growth is a difficult juggling act for any business. With limited resources, leaders are forced to choose between focusing on today's revenue target and the strategies critical to future growth; until now. 

Lathrop Consulting Group provides clear-sighted, executive-level firepower to tackle the hardest sales and growth challenges faced by early- and mid-stage software businesses.  This isn't theory or speculation - our guidance is based on years of real-world experience tackling these issues head-on.  Whether you need help executing an effective go-to-market strategy, maximizing the output of your existing team, or laying the foundational structure to support hyper-growth, we've been there before and have the right tools for the job. 

By referral only.

We are a boutique firm focused entirely on driving real and sustained results with our clients. Due to the embedded, hands-on nature of our work, we limit our engagements to a small handful of clients at any given time. Our focus on existing clients requires that we consider new engagements through referral only.

Photo by EtiAmmos/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by EtiAmmos/iStock / Getty Images